Welcome to LifeScience-Live! Here you will find an interactive blog giving you a behind the scenes look into up and coming biology research projects.

We are run out of the TerAvest Lab at Michigan State University’s Biochemistry Department.

It’s our goal to provide a fun way for you to learn all about the scientific research process!


Meet the Team:

Dr. Michaela TerAvestIMG_4049

I’m an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I’m a Michigan native and received a bachelor’s degree from MSU before heading off to Cornell University, then UC Berkeley (and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) for my postgraduate training. I am very happy to be back at MSU! I care deeply about environmental problems and my lab’s mission is to develop biotechnologies that will help overcome some of our greatest challenges, including climate change. Right now, we’re engineering bacteria to make them better at producing biofuels and electricity and learn something about what makes the little critters tick along the way. When I’m not in the lab, you can find me on the local mountain bike trail with my husband!

The Students:

Kody Duhl:

Cody Madsen:

Nick Tefft: