Author: Lexi S

Assembling the Paper Microbial Fuel Cell: Step #3

In this video, we demonstrate the final step in the assembly of our paper battery: injecting bacteria! We used laboratory cultured bacteria to kick start our fuel cell, but you can inject mud or sludge from a river (homes to huge microbial populations) at home.

We also give a detailed explanation of how the microbial fuel cell functions to make electricity! Stay tuned to learn the results of our experiment.


Sterile – A Riptide Parody

Being sterile while working with bacteria in the lab setting is a important precaution to make sure that your experiment goes well. You don’t want other bacteria or fungi growing in place of the strains you are looking for. Being sterile is so important, in fact, that we decided to make a song illustrating some sterile technique. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: We are not singers…

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